Wildlife Release Station

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Experience an exclusive opportunity to see wildlife conservation firsthand and experience Cambodia’s unique natural heritage. Sleep in simple chalets in a clearing in the jungle, eat freshly cooked Cambodian meals and meet the incredible staff responsible for rehabilitating and releasing the animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Activities include feeding resident wildlife, hiking in the jungle, swimming in crystal clear waters and setting or monitoring camera traps.

The adventure begins with a 2 hour boat journey taking you in to the depths of the jungle before heading on an exhilarating 25 minute motorbike ride to the release station. Hidden far away from towns and villages, the station is a unique escape where you are welcomed by the local wildlife. Remember – this is their home, not yours and the utmost respect should be given to the surroundings. WiFi is a no no, power is only via USB chargers, hot showers don’t exist – this is the true simple life where your only priority is nature and the surroundings. By day relax in the central cabana with the rangers, trek jungle trials and feed the animals. By night torches at the ready for trails through the grasses on the hunt for snakes or eye shine, followed by another animal feed for the nocturnal residents.

We promise fresh air, a quiet remote location to relax, beautiful forest and rain fed streams to explore. While you likely won’t tigers or elephants, we offer the chance to see some of Cambodia’s other unique wildlife up close before their release, an insight into the workings of an active wildlife rehabilitation and release site, and true Cambodian smiles and hospitality!

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